English Grammar in its True Light:

Learner's Version - Antony Matthew

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English Grammar in its True Light:

Exercises with Key - Antony Matthew

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Antony Matthew

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English Grammar in its True Light: Learner's Version and English Grammar in its True Light: Exercises with Key - Hard Copy Available...



Some of the innovations in content are:

  • General Meaning of apparently different uses
  • A new word-class system
  • Clause pattern explained as S-P-O-C-A
  • The P-element shown either as verb or as operative be
  • A more comprehensive and systematic clause pattern scheme
  • Rules of transformation with far fewer exceptions
  • A reinterpretation of the meanings and uses of the two English tenses
  • Interpretation of the perfect only as a past tense substitute
  • The meaning of -ing form of the verb interpreted not as progression, but same as that of the base
  • Myths around the predicator exploded
  • A new interpretation and classification of the idiomatic complex verb phrases, so far wrongly called 'phrasal verbs'
  • WHY of the uses rather than merely stating the uses
  • Based on new findings in applied linguistics and the author’s own research
  • Comprehensive


There are grammars and grammars of English. Any justification for one more - this English Grammar in its True Light (EGTL)?


Yes, both in content and in form.


Yes and No.
Yes, for the students who have learned English grammar from grammar books and from schools and colleges and for teachers (excuse!) who have taught grammar relying on existing grammar books. No, for those who know nothing of English grammar, but are willing to learn it.


Those who have learned either traditional or modern grammar or both are likely to get a shock from EGTL as it shows many of the conventional, established rules and explanations are really myths. TRUTH IS BITTER. It is really difficult to get out of the ruts of stereotypes. Of course, nothing can be done it one’s mind is fossilised.


Umpteen number of English grammars have appeared in India and abroad claiming to be ‘New’, ‘Modern’, ‘Current’, ‘Real’ and the like as seen from their titles. What is new is only the bottle. Grammars appear in new forms in their presentation mainly owing to the vogue in Communicative Approach in language teaching. Well and good. The writers of these grammars have blithely ignored the findings in Applied Linguistics during the last seventy years, their interest being only to attract the consumers with colourful pictures and digitally aided typographical gimmicks. As regards the content therein, all of them are copies of some grammars published earlier. Their writers are clever enough to avoid any risk of anything nonconventional being rejected by the consumers.


This is what EGTL is. It is entirely new in both its content and its form.


  • Sparing learners of pedantic grammatical explanations
  • Grammatical items explained through jokes and stories
  • Progression from core to peripherals
  • Detailed Exercises with Key suitable for school and college levels
  • A detailed Index making it a good Reference Grammar


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